Pie Crust Tutorials

Turn Your Pies Into Works of Art with These Easy Floral Crust Tutorials

Happy Pi Day!  In honor of one of my favorite nerd holidays (and my two-year wedding anniversary), I’m wrangling together my three decorative pie crust tutorials in one post for easy access.

The tutorials below work great for any two-crust pie.  All of these decorations will turn out just fine with store-bought pie crust, but here’s my favorite sweet pie crust recipe if you’d like to step it up a bit.  For savory pie, try this recipe.  If you need a pie recipe, I’ve got you covered.  Without further ado, let’s make some pie!

Add a Leaf Border

A leaf border is a simple way to dress up the edge of your pie crust and hide any ugly, ragged edges of your bottom crust.  You can make your leaves using a leaf-shaped cookie cutter, or you can get creative with a circle-shaped cutter, a glass, or any round object and a knife.  See the full tutorial right here.

How to Make a Pie Crust Leaf Border

Make a Vine of Roses

Want to know a secret?  The gorgeous pie crust you see above was beyond easy to make.  If you can roll out and cut circles out of a pie crust, you can do this.  Follow along using this tutorial and impress everyone with your next-level top crust skills.

How to Make Pie Crust Roses

Make a Poinsettia

Looking for a way to wow everyone at your next holiday party?  Add an edible poinsettia to the top of your pie, and your mission will be accomplished.  Check out this tutorial to find out how it’s done.

How to Make a Pie Crust Poinsettia


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