patriotic red, white, and blue mini cakes

Red, White, and Blue Mini Cakes

As a reward to myself for meeting my exercise goal for the month, I signed up for two cake decorating classes on Craftsy.  I know cake decorating and exercising sound like two diametrically opposed endeavors, but I was able to justify it to myself by maintaining that the cake decorating class would give me something to blog about.  As long as I can keep myself from piping frosting directly into my mouth (a real struggle for someone like me), I should be able to maintain my fitness progress and learn to make some fancy cakes at the same time.

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rock n' roll cookies

Rock N’ Roll Cookies

These cookies have been in the pipeline since before I started this blog.  As a matter of fact, they were part of the inspiration for the blog.  I was sitting at work one Friday daydreaming wistfully (during my lunch break, of course) about the upcoming weekend and what I wanted to do, and I thought to myself “I wanna bake.”  Since just about any phrase can trigger a spontaneous burst of song in my head, this immediately launched a parody of “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister in my twisted mind.

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