Macarons First Attempt

Baking Fail: Macarons

I finally decided to surrender to the trend and try my hand at macarons.  I knew it would be difficult, but I secretly expected that as long as I was careful, I’d be able to achieve at least passable results on the first try.  As evidenced by the pictures, I was wrong.

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Mini Chocolate Raspberry Upside Down Cake Wrecks

Baking Fail: Mini Chocolate Raspberry Upside Down Cakes

If you’ve been following I Wanna Bake’s Facebook page, you already know that this week’s bakeventure didn’t go so well.  It was supposed to be chocolate raspberry upside down cake, but it turned out to be half-baked chocolate raspberry sludge.  Don’t get me wrong, the cooked parts were delicious.  But this was so ugly I didn’t even have the heart to try to fix it.  I mean really, look at this:

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finished bear claws

Chocolate Bear Claws- First Attempt

Sometimes, baked goods don’t turn out quite as you planned.  This was definitely the case with this weekend’s chocolate bear claw experiment.  While they weren’t a complete and utter failure, they were bad enough that I made myself throw 11 out of 12 of them away.  Still, just because this pastry flopped doesn’t mean the experience was a complete loss.  In today’s post, I’ll go through exactly what I did this time and give some suggestions for future improvements.  This recipe took all day and a lot of effort, so I don’t know that I’ll be trying it again anytime soon, at least not quite like this.

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