banana nut muffins

Banana Nut Muffins

I have an on-again, off-again relationship with bananas.  I’ll go months without having any desire to even look at a banana, followed by a period where I buy them every week for a month until I get tired of them again.  Part of the reason for my coolness toward the fruit is their propensity to turn brown at a moment’s notice.  I’ve tried various different tricks to keep them from ripening too fast, but it usually seems that bananas do what they want with no regard for my potassium needs.

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Frankenstein's Monster Cookies

Frankenstein’s Monster Cookies

This week, I was a bit stumped when it came to figuring out what to bake.  I had a few ideas, but none of them were grabbing my attention and making me excited to get into the kitchen.  Cheddar chili pepper dinner rolls?  Blah.  Vegan cake:  Meh.  The next chocolate chip cookie butter taste test?  Eh, I guess if there’s nothing else…  These thoughts loafed around my head all weekend until I started to resign myself to the idea of baking something boring or skipping the bakeventure entirely (I know, blasphemy).  Then I was reminded of my mother-in-law’s monster cookies.

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chocolate banana peanut butter cream pie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie (a.k.a. Doctor P(ie))

There is a bit of a story behind this chocolate banana peanut butter cream pie (try saying that ten times fast).  My husband’s research advisor (Dr. P) almost always refuses to eat the baked goods I send to the office.  However, he often breaks his embargo for store-bought cakes and cookies that find their way there.  The exception to this rule is anything with chocolate and peanut butter in it.  It has become a bit of a mission for me to create the ultimate irresistible dessert.

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