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Have you always wanted to make delicious baked goods but never known where or how to start?  Then you’re in the right place!  I Wanna Bake! is devoted to providing tasty recipes that are accessible to beginners and experienced bakers alike and demystifying the baking process in general.  I break all of my recipes down step by step, taking care to explain things that aren’t immediately obvious when you’ve never done them before (what does “until thickened” actually mean anyway?) and to provide photos to illustrate each step.  If you think you’ll never be able to master the art of cheesecake, think again!  I believe that even the most challenging baked goods are within reach of the novice baker given the right instructions and a little optimism.

My goal is to break down recipes into the most manageable pieces possible; however, what I find simple may still be difficult for you.  If you’re stuck, I’m always happy to try to clarify.  Feel free to leave a comment on the post you’re working on or email me at katie@iwannabake.com and I’ll do my best to get you back on track.

About the Author

Hi there!  My name’s Katie and I like to bake.  I’m a purveyor of pop culture references, math puns, portmanteaus, and parenthetical statements (and combining all of those things whenever possible).  When I’m not baking, I’m usually working at my day job (administrative assistant at a university), attempting to learn how to do my makeup, and playing with my chubby cat, Betty White.  I live in Cleveland, Ohio, but I spend a fair amount of time in Toronto with my husband, Josh (he lives there temporarily while he’s working as a postdoc).  I’d love to eventually publish a cookbook (if I can even get around to writing all of my recipes down!).

Thanks for stopping by!


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