Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser Review

Product Review: Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser

You may have heard Alton Brown and many others complaining about “unitaskers,” or kitchen tools that have only one purpose, and for good reason: they take up more space than they deserve and you probably won’t use them often enough to justify the expense.  The Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser fits squarely into the category of unitaskers, so I was hesitant to add it to my collection.  This review is for those of you who are similarly on the fence.

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Product Review: Oven Gauntlets

Product Review: Oven Gauntlets!

Since college, I’ve been complaining to everyone who will listen that oven mitts need to be longer.  I’m always doing several things at once when I’m baking, so I inevitably end up with a small burn on one forearm or the other at least once a year.  Sure, I could pay a little more attention when I’m sticking my arms inside a 400° oven, but who’s got time for that?  I’d prefer to have suitable protection, preferably up to my shoulders (perhaps even a cooking jumpsuit, which sounds like a good idea until you realize that you’re wearing an insulated jumpsuit in the same room as said 400° oven).  My inspiration for these proposed extended oven mitts was welding gauntlets, which are long, leather gloves which protect your arms during welding.

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KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater Review

Product Review: Kitchenaid Flex Edge Beater

This week, I’d like to give you the scoop on Kitchenaid’s Flex Edge Beater attachment for the 4.5 quart stand mixer.  I had known about this mixer attachment since my husband bought one for his mother for Christmas, but since I didn’t have a stand mixer at the time, I missed out on all the fun.  Since then, I have joined the ranks of proud Kitchenaid stand mixer owners (thanks again to said thoughtful husband), so when I saw this beater on clearance for $14.98 (list price $29.99) at Target, it seemed like a no-brainer to give it a whirl.

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